Brush Object


The Brush object enables setting the brush color and transparency for drawing operations. This object is obtained via the Brush property of the Canvas object.

Member List


Color As Long (Read/Write)

Specifies a brush color, e.g. &HFF0000 for red. 0 (black) by default. Affects the inside areas of a bar, circle, ellipse and arc, unless Solid is set to False.

See also: Chapter 5 - Drawing & Typing.

Opacity As Single (Read/Write)

Specifies brush opacity. A float value between 0 and 1 must be specified. 1 corresponds to full opacity, 0 to full transparency. This property affects the methods FillPolyEx and FillEllipseEx only.

This property was introduced in Version 2.1.

See also: Section 5.4 - Anti-aliased Drawing Routines.

Solid As Long (Read/Write)

Specifies whether the brush is solid or transparent. True by default. This property does not affect the methods FillPolyEx or FillEllipseEx.

See also: Chapter 5 - Drawing & Typing.


This object has no public methods.