1. Introduction & Quick Start

    Contains the feature list, system requirements, and a simple code snippet to get you started.

  2. Creating Thumbnails

    Outlines the steps necessary to dynamically resize images

  3. Working with AspUpload

    Discusses the use of our upload component in conjunction with AspJpeg.

  4. Image Manipulation

    Describes resizing algorithms, sharpening, cropping, flipping, rotation and compression.

  5. Drawing & Typing

    Demonstrates how to draw graphics and text on images.

  6. Picture-in-Picture

    Covers drawing images on top of other images. Includes PNG alpha channel and GIF transparency. Also covers perspective projection.

  7. Metadata Extraction

    Describes EXIF and IPTC support.

  8. Miscellaneous Features

    Describes CMYK-to-RGB functionality, resolution change, access to individual pixel information, progressive JPEGs, various filters, chroma key.

  9. GIF Output

    Describes the GIF output feature introduced in version 2.0.

  10. PNG & WEBP Output

    Describes the PNG output feature introduced in version 2.1, and also WEBP format introduced in version

  11. 3D Surface Mapping

    Describes the projection of images onto arbitrary 3D surfaces defined by parametric equations.

  12. AspHEIF

    This page is dedicated to our new HEIC and AVIF image decoding component.